Fresh and Seasonal: Our Menu is Just For You We Love to Teach

Fresh and Seasonal: Our Menu is Just For You

Why try to force a square-peg menu into your event? Allow us the opportunity to bring creativity to the table, so your event can be just the way you've imagined!

We Love to Teach

Whether we're helping people discover a new career or perfect a passion, it's all about inspiring those around us while making the world a better (and more delicious) place!

We believe that every client and every function is unique, and believe that the menu should reflect the style and personality of the host, carrying through the theme and vision for the event. We look forward to the opportunity to create a memorable event that truly belongs to you and your guests.

Check Out Some Sample Menus

We'll craft a menu just for you. Until then, see what we've done for some other events!

Stuffed Mushrooms

High-End Fundraising Gala

The Event: A high-end annual fundraising gala for a local non-profit. The client was interested in a buffet, but was worried...

Common Cause 691

Refined Texas Ranch

The Event: A rave-worthy birthday party for the husband, who despite having spent many years in Colorado, still has a big...

Mini Peach Cobbler

Southern Style Wedding Reception

The Event: The couple met over a plate of Chicken and Waffles. They are foodies, and were looking for a slightly...

Common Cause 761

Outdoor Picnic-Style Reception

The Event: An outdoor meet-and-greet for a gathering of non-profit board members and executives. Hosted right at the start of summer...

Thai Curry Chicken Wraps

Upscale Hors d’Oeuvres

The Event: A summertime open house on a rooftop patio. Prior events by the client in the space had always been...

Thai Curry Chicken Wraps

Finger-Friendly Themed Reception

The Event: The client is rolling out a new series of products targeted towards more specific markets, and they’re hosting a...


Valentines Day Cooking Class

The Event: “Something for your Sweetheart – The Gift of Gastronomy” A cooking class to teach attendees how to prepare a...


An Evening Among Friends

The Event: Do you need an excuse to have a group of friends over for dinner? The hosts are looking for...

Allow us to help make your special event spectacular! Contact us now to begin planning!